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Online mediators & those in conflict read on!

2018 will see the birth of this little site, a concept which is truly innovative in conflict resolution.  I’m Scott Docherty and am busy tweaking and twirling behind the scenes, creating for you a new way to resolve disputes.  The basic idea is that if you’re in the midst of a conflict and visit this site, you’ll have two options:

First, you could access a mediator more quickly than ever before to sort things out, making payment and verifying your identity online with ease. The mediator will be able to connect with you via messaging or a video call, and as swiftly as possible will look to help you and the person or company you’re in conflict with.

Second, and this really is a huge ripple in the pond here, I’m working on a way for you to sort things out yourselves on the site via state-of-the-art online dispute resolution tools, with access to online mediation if you’re struggling.

So once we’re ready to go live, those in conflict will be able to:

  • access real-time help from accredited mediators
  • resolve their differences via online dispute resolution
  • save time, money, and stress
  • avoid being pulled into courtrooms and lawyers’ offices
  • move on with their lives

And to make all this happen, in the background there will be a team of experienced mediators who will be able to:

  • connect with other accredited mediators within a dedicated network
  • have more effective access to those they wish to help
  • build a shimmering online mediation practice
  • access a wealth of resources to improve their online skills
  • minimise regulatory burdens in identity verification & payment for parties

I’m also working on creating a fully-automated, locked and loaded pocketconflictcoach to help those in conflict get ripe for engagement in conflict, so feel free to sign up to that and be the first to know once it’s live.

calling all online mediators

Right now, therefore, while I get going I would love to hear from any interested mediators.  In time I’ll be looking to set up a strong network of mediators willing to work online, so signing up now will ensure you don’t miss out on an approach when we’re setting things up.

To sign up for free, just complete the form below, and to thank you for showing an interest at such an early stage, you will get free access to the first chapter of my upcoming book My Journey In Mediation, which when published in 2017 will give an insight not only into my experience in the exploding world of conflict resolution, but will also lay out how to build a successful mediation practice and how you can tap into the future revolution in the field!


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