Hi there, thank you for clicking the link I sent, and for choosing me to mediate with you!

Using this page, we’re going to get the ball rolling on your mediation process. First, I’ll take you through your agreement to mediate, and then you’ll run through a few questions to help me understand where you’re coming from, what you’d like to achieve out of our time together.

The more time you take on this, and the more information you give me here, the easier it will be for me to help you get to the heart of what’s going on. In other words, it will give you a great head start!

step one: our agreement

So first, let’s get into our agreement to mediate. You can download this here:

agreement to mediate

Once you’ve downloaded it, read it through carefully, and once you’re comfortable with what it says, apply an electronic signature to it, save it as new, and then email it back to me. My email address is scott [ at ] mediationinyourpocket.com. If you’re not sure how to e-sign the agreement, read this helpful guide. Or if all else fails, just print it off, sign it, scan it and again email it back to me.

I’ll then sign it and give you a copy to keep.

step two: what do you need sorted out?

Once you’ve signed and sent me back the agreement to mediate, next up I’d like you to tell me who you are, what your conflict’s about, and what you think might be at the root of what’s been going on.

To make this as easy as possible for you, I use the simple form below. Before you start going through it, you’ll need to copy and save onto your system two forms of identification which the form will ask you to upload and send to me. I’ll need something photographic, for example a passport or photo driving licence, and recent proof of address, for example a utility bill or bank statement.

After you’ve completed the form, you’ll be given a copy of what you’ve told me.

Please remember to take your time, therefore, answer honestly and carefully, and once you’re finished, the form will be sent to me and I’ll contact you to confirm the next steps. For the avoidance of doubt, anything you enter in this form is entirely confidential, known only to you and me and in terms of our agreement to mediate and also this site’s privacy policy.

Let’s get started!

here’s your form