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How to prepare those in conflict engagement

conflict engagement options

So in the course of writing pocketconflictcoach within my ongoing Mediation In Your Pocket project, I’ve prepared a list of questions that will be presented in interactive forms to those entering the site’s conflict engagement engine, those visitors who are looking to engage constructively with the person or company with whom they’re in conflict. Continue reading How to prepare those in conflict engagement

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the conflict brain and spoon

there is no spoon

believing is seeing?

As soon as light hits your eye, conflict can begin.

Neurons tasked with visual processing will combine with the trillions of synapses in your brain connecting them, firing what you’ve just seen right through your thalamus relay station to the back of your head, where your primary visual cortex sits waiting. Your visual cortex will then take over a huge bulk of your brain function, making an immediate assessment about what you’ve seen. Continue reading the conflict brain and spoon

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is your mediation practice about to die out?

How to mediate online

So I run a course on How To Mediate Online.

Why should you care?

If you’re a mediator reading this and you’re not mediating online, over time your practice will die. It’ll be a slow death, gradual at first, and one day you’ll open the door to your office, the one with all the plants and relaxing photos on the wall, and all you’ll see will be emptiness, and all you’ll hear is the deafening silence of the office phone. Continue reading is your mediation practice about to die out?

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online conflict – the long and winding road?

online conflict long winding road

Hi there. Welcome to my online conflict site!

I’m Scott Docherty, and I’m working away in the background creating something I really hope will begin to disrupt the world of online conflict engagement. This might take a while to get going, as I’m doing all this pretty much on my own. Yup, it’s a long and winding road alright.

(cue the disinterested rolling of eyes!…)

Anywho, I just wanted to thank you so much for showing an interest while I fiddle about with all the little screws and bolts to put this all together. Here’s a chronology of how the site’s going to develop in the coming months (I hope). Continue reading online conflict – the long and winding road?