An automated, multi-media online course, founded in cutting-edge neuroscience and conflict theory (but laid out it in plain English), to give you an understanding of what's kicking off in your brain & body during conflict, and to empower you with the skills you need to boss it.

Module 1 introduction
Unit 1 let's kick things off
Unit 2 why is all this on me?
Unit 3 what's conflict?
Unit 4 the choices we must make
Unit 5 let's lay some groundwork
Module 2 learn
Unit 1 learn
Unit 2 let's begin with some science
Unit 3 disclaimer
Unit 4 plug your whole brain into conflict
Unit 5 tame your autonomics
Unit 6 how’s your wi-fi signal?
Unit 7 the rTPJ - become a mind reader
Unit 8 check out your brain as it communicates
Unit 9 mirror mirror on your neurons
Unit 10 a measurable mind
Unit 11 connecting our virtual realities
Unit 12 memory hack time
Unit 13 enough about the brain already
Unit 14 the blame game
Unit 15 scratching the surface
Unit 16 there's lots of anger 'about'
Unit 17 how does conflict impact your health?
Unit 18 entering the fearzone
Unit 19 trigger unhappy
Unit 20 what fires you up in conflict?
Unit 21 are you remembering wrong?
Unit 22 memory hack - your zones beneath the surface
Unit 23 moving on, finally!
Module 3 apply
Unit 1 apply
Unit 2 blank slate time
Unit 3 chill out dude
Unit 4 my mindful me
Unit 5 the sound of one cat clapping
Unit 6 all it takes is ten mindful minutes
Unit 7 so what next?
Unit 8 eat to chill
Unit 9 ingredients for conflict
Unit 10 on the flip side
Unit 11 memory hack - your grocery list
Unit 12 night night, don't let the bugs bite
Unit 13 trash talk time
Unit 14 this stuff’s gotta go somewhere
Unit 15 ok, so how to catch them zeds?
Unit 16 pulling all this chilling out together
Unit 17 find your totem
Unit 18 what is your totem?
Unit 19 could you eat your totem?
Unit 20 the science of a smile
Unit 21 once the totem works its magic
Unit 22 is this your first time baby?
Unit 23 when you're in the thick of it
Unit 24 are you in control?
Unit 25 have you assessed what's really going on?
Unit 26 what really is empathy?
Unit 27 tap it out
Module 4 reflect
Unit 1 reflect
Unit 2 let's form some new habits
Unit 3 mighty oaks from little acorns grow
Unit 4 how can you be so distracted?
Unit 5 be the locust
Unit 6 so what have you learned?
Unit 7 the empathic civilisation
Unit 8 reflections and actions
Module 5 to infinity and beyond
Unit 1 so what do you think?
Unit 2 game started
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Scott Docherty

I run this site and will do my best to mediate your conflict.