3 steps to effective mediation sessions

Your free guide on how to transform the lives of those you help in mediation and conflict intervention, improving their outcomes, giving them the best chance at resolution.

“Why do mediation sessions fail? How does your contribution affect parties' outcomes in conflict resolution? Let's take a look... - Scott C. Docherty



Your aim is to get them talking, right?

Or to help them reach an understanding, help them move on with their lives. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But what could you change in your approach to improve their chances of success? 

What's this about?

So 3 Steps To Effective Mediation Sessions is a free ebook prepared by me, Scott Docherty, author, former mediator & Vice Chair of Scottish Mediation.

It's based on my years of experience and research, and designed to guide you in basic steps through the theories and tips you can apply to improve your effectiveness as a mediator, conflict intervener or peacemaker.

Scott Docherty Mediator

“Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Trust me, it could change the lives of those you help!”

Scott - MIYP Founder

Stuffed with Magic

Over 7,000 words of tips & techniques to take your mediation theory & apply it more powerfully.

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Once you apply the techniques, you'll have a greater chance those asking you for help will reach constructive dialogue & resolution

So how will this help you?

You want to be effective, right?

In your conflict resolution work, the focus should be on those in conflict. The more skillful you are, the more empowered they'll be. So the tips & techniques laid out in this guide are an introduction to the deeper concepts explored in pocketconflictcoach, my popular course on how you can truly transform your approach to conflict.

After reading this free resource, you will have a deeper understanding of what's really going on in the brains of those you're helping, and how to help them engage more constructively. You know the theory, all the stuff about principled negotiation, interests and positions, behavioural dynamics and more. But to 'get them to yes' takes careful preparation, and this free guide can be a great little resource in your toolkit to help improve your own effectiveness, to help you ensure the parties in conflict truly determine their future.


Wherever & whenever, it will be there for you to reflect on, and if I update it, you'll get immediate access.


When you reflect on the tips & techniques I lay out in this guide, you will enhance your existing skills.


In time, with practise, you will see a real difference in how your time with those in conflict goes.

Get started today!

Pick it up now, read it on your commute or whenever you can, and bridge more effectively the gap between theory & application. Help those in conflict engage, resolve & move on!


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