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OK, so here near the end of 2018, as I reflect on the crazy launch of Mediation In Your Pocket, I’ve reach a point now where I need to refocus, to think about where the project has got to so far and where I’d like it to go next year.

So here’s what I’m going to do.

It’s time for me to take a little break, re-energise, and start writing again. At this point, I’ve almost finished another free ebook called How To Prepare For Difficult Conversations, a follow up to my little 3 Steps To Effective Mediation Sessions which I polished off a few months back. Next year I’ll be making both of these resources more easily available, as my plan is to bring to you a fuller set of resources on conflict engagement, including an email course on conflict engagement.

Basically, I can see Mediation In Your Pocket developing into something like that, a learning resource for those looking to engage more constructively, more effectively in the conflicts they face. I hope it will become something that you can pull out of your pocket or purse and empower yourself to use mediating ways to your approach to conflict.

The resource will help you do that by laying out access to resources like the ebooks which will complement the life-changing pocketconflictcoach that’s beginning to transform the lives of a great many folks who’ve accessed it so far. I’ll be drafting up a course primer for this next year, basically to help those who’ve picked up the course to get into the right frame of mind and organise their time to get the most out of it.

Ultimately, of course, once I have a bank of resources to help those in conflict, I’ll be making the jump to building up a network of mediators offering online mediation on the site together with a full-blown conflict engagement engine that (fingers and toes crossed) is going to help change the way folks sort things out in conflict.

Other than building up the MIYP project though, next year my work will also include:

  • helping Scottish Mediation launch and progress its new peer mediation app for young people (which can be downloaded now on the App Store and Google Play), as well as planning the other SM projects including the Mediation Charter, the upcoming Year of Mediation in 2020, and even the potential of possible legislation on mediation as the Scottish Government continues its deeper look into civil justice;
  • developing with CALM Scotland and the Law Society of Scotland the new code of practice for family mediators, planning a fresh in-court pilot for mediation, and revamping the CALM Scotland website and its approach to structure, training, accreditation and re-accreditation; and
  • continuing my help in pulling together as many like-minded souls to collaborate within an unfurling revolution on how to approach conflict.

Yup, too much to do, so little time. But that won’t stop me, and I’m so thankful that you’re here with me for the ride. So have an amazing festive break, see you bright and early as 2019 begins, and together we’ll get a little bit closer to real change.



Scott Docherty

I run this site and will do my best to mediate your conflict.