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Online Mediation - Scott Docherty

Hi, Scott Docherty here. Welcome to our online Mediation In Your Pocket project!

If you’re in conflict, or if you intervene in conflict, our innovative online tools can help you sort things out on your own terms.

We believe deeply in your ability to do this yourself, without giving up control of your conflict to others. 

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so how can our online mediation
tools help you?

We’ve really just begun to scratch the surface in these early days of our little online Mediation In Your Pocket project. 

On this site you can:

  • empower yourself to engage or intervene constructively in any conflict
  • stop worrying about upcoming difficult conversations
  • get to the heart of what you really want or need, what’s important to you in the middle of arguments and disputes
  • and in time, here you will have access to an innovative conflict resolution engine, a secure online mediation portal in which anyone in conflict can enter and engage with each other constructively, with easy, affordable access to online mediators to help you sort things out if you need them.

do you really understand your conflict?

We feel that in any conflict, any conflict, empathy and an arm around the shoulder is way more likely to help than shoving you deeper into battle. Time and again, courts and warzones, all our traditional ways of dealing with conflict, they just end up separating us more than ever. But we’ve evolved to understand this.

Well, you’d think so, right?

What we know today is that the external signs you see in conflict, like anger and steadfast positions, only surge to the surface to mask what’s really going on underneath. And what we know is that unless you learn to control your brain’s innate mechanisms of survival, in every difficult conversation you face in the future you’ll be on the back foot.

we’re here for you!

So our work here has just begun.

Check out our contact & info section to get an idea what we’ll look like as time goes on. Right now though, let’s start with the first two life-changing conflict tools we’ve launched.

Access them today!…


pocketconflictcoach is your fully automated online course that will help you get ready for effective engagement in conflict.At your own pace, wherever you are, you will have access to cutting-edge theory and tools to help you face conflict and difficult conversations with confidence. If you intervene in conflict, for example as a mediator, negotiator, lawyer or support worker, this course will cover what’s kicking off in the brains and bodies of those you’re looking to help, and therefore, will give you a better opportunity to guide their conflict towards constructive discussion and peaceful resolution.


Getting a mediation up and running is often the most difficult part of the process. We know this. So what if, with every referral you pick up, you could send the parties right away to a simple, secure but optimised form, with your details and branding, that would not only capture their information but would also prime them to believe in the process and reach the mindset needed for constructive engagement?Your pocketmediationintake does all this and more. Access it today and wave goodbye to non-starts, no-shows and referral forms ‘lost in the post’!

how can online mediation help?

When we talk about online mediation, really we’re describing how you can use mediating ways to sort things out online. You don’t have to keep arguing. You don’t have to go to court, to give up control of your rights or your destiny to someone else like a lawyer.

Using our tools, you keep control. We put that arm around your shoulder and help you pick up what’s making you feel the way you do about every conflict you face in life. We help you connect with it more clearly. And we set you on your way to connect more effectively with those you’re arguing with.

Why will this help you?

It’ll help you because if you’re empowered to chart your own course through conflict, you’ll boss it every time. Your opportunities and options in life will improve.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

All our online mediation tools come with a bang solid guarantee. If you’re not totally satisfied with them in the first 30 days, just let us know and we’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked! We want you to trust in the opportunity given to you in our conflict engagement tools, so keep in touch and we’ll help you as best we can!

our online mediation tools await you…

So dive right in. Try pocketconflictcoach today and master conflict at your own pace, wherever you are. Watch how calm and focused it helps you become.

And watch this space.

The world of conflict resolution just got a little less messy!


Let us do this for you today. Begin a journey with us and change your life!