Scottish Mediation Charter


Hey all, it’s been a while, right?

For most of the last year, I’ve been dealing with some stuff that’s taken me away from this little project. But during all this time, I’ve been mediating online with a great deal of folx immersed in disagreements, and more recently, in particular with some families and businesses who’ve been finding lockdown really hard to cope with.

It’s been an absolute pleasure and privilege being able to apply a very simple but secure technology in helping those in conflict online, and also in watching how online mediation has taken off so well. Sometimes, it really takes a crisis for real change to happen. I’ve talked about this before, about how the governments around the globe have a fundamental responsibility to step up and implement the changes necessary to empower its citizens in conflict, to help them work through disagreements and issues more constructively.

change in a crisis

It’s taken a global crisis like this pandemic, when the courts and the usual adversarial mechanisms of conflict have pretty much shut down, when social distancing has separated us like never before, for us to be brought so much closer together, united against one common crisis. It’s taken this pandemic for us to understand perhaps more than ever before that, deep down, we’re all the same, we all have problems, but we all have an innate motivation to help others even when we’re down.

So as lockdown restrictions begin to re-open our doors in the coming months, what kind of world are we going to return to? Will we continue resolving conflict in the way to which we’ve become accustomed? Will we pick up the arms we’ve put aside and return to our blood-stained battlefields? Or will we remember how this crisis has not discriminated, how it’s surged through the lives of everyone without a care about race or disability or gender or borders or inequality or power imbalance or any other label we’ve attacked ourselves with in the past?

We’re all the same. We’re in this together. We all have problems to sort. So let’s get together online and work out how to do that constructively, without weapons, or shouting, or lawyers, or judges, or anyone else who thinks they know better about this stuff than we do.

Our brains are all wired the same, right, so let’s link them together and use this crisis as an opportunity to change the way we sort things out.

Meantime, I’ll still be mediating online and laying out tools to help you do that.

the charter

Also, now that I’m revving my little venture back up again, I’ve added Mediation In Your Pocket as a partner to the Scottish Mediation Charter.

Check out the charter here.

In essence, it’s a public statement of any organisation’s willingness to use mediation as a way of resolving disputes and to equipping its people with the skills of mediation. I’d love it if you could take a look and sign up if it’s for you or your organisation. This year’s Mediation 2020 plans have been hit hard by what’s been happening, but little by little, this charter and the outstanding work of Scottish Mediation is going to help revolutionise how my country sorts things out in conflict. Come and join us!

Take care. 🙂