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my automated, multi-media course on how to mediate online will help you reach the new wave of those in conflict accustomed to talking via video call.

Gary Direnfeld

Gary Direnfeld

Brilliant! All those people already communicating online also have conflicts AND are accustomed to using video communication, so why not mediate online? I have been doing this for several years. A third of my practice has grown to online. Scott, I hope folks take your lead and learn how you make it happen.

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How To Mediate Online is your automated video and multi-media course that will help you blend online mediation with ease into your practice, helping you reach a market of millions accustomed to speaking via online video, the very same people who experience conflict every day!

This is the 2.0 version of our insanely popular course run by me, Scott Docherty, and Ewan Malcolm (Chief Executive of Relate London North West, Chair of the College of Mediators, Board Member of Family Mediation Council). Take the course wherever you are, whenever you want.

Once you're done, you’re good to go!


My online mediation course will guide you until you are comfortable mediating online.


I will give you the theory and practical techniques, with a full process run through.


You will complete the course able to blend online mediation into your practice.

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What MY STUDENTS Are Saying

What do my past students think of the legacy course?

general feedback on how to mediate online:

Previous participants have given feedback that after attending this course, they have gone from having little knowledge of online mediation to feeling comfortable mediating online, explaining that its “very helpful”, “useful practical advice and training” helped them understand how to mediate online and to blend it with their existing practice. They have expressed that by virtue of this course, they are now more likely to go on to mediate online and would “definitely recommend” the course to others.

other comments include:

“Thank you very much for the excellent course. I really enjoyed it and learnt a great deal.”

“A big thank you for three very enjoyable sessions. I am very excited about adding online services to my practice.”

I found most interesting or useful “getting used to being online in front of people on a screen” and “learning the specific issues of compliance etc. that must be included in online mediation.”

It taught us what is possible with the software in the mediation context.”

“I was especially pleased to learn about using waiting rooms as these mean I can potentially proceed with a complete civil and commercial case at mediation.”

This is the way the world is going. I see real potential for resolving international commercial disputes where the parties have few attractive options for resolving their dispute. Also I intend to use these skills for facilitation / mediation in families where everyone is spread out and do not have time to meet up face to face.”

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Over this automated course you will learn about:

  • up to date formal guidance available for online mediators
  • the relevant paperwork needed including the online mediation agreement
  • how to build trust and rapport with parties online
  • all relevant technical skills including operating software
  • troubleshooting issues caused by technology
  • reflecting on & putting into practice your new skills in mediating online

I will guide you through the online mediation process from start to finish, so that by the end of the course you will know how to mediate online comfortably and confidently with parties. You will be given access to helpful resources including a bang up to date agreement to mediate online, and all the training you will need to get started.

how to mediate online

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At Mediation In Your Pocket I believe this course will teach you how to mediate online and blend it well with your practice. I'm so sure of this that I offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you pre-order the course today, you will still have the benefit of this guarantee once it's been released. If you're not happy or feel the course isn't working as well as you hoped, simply email me to get the entire cost of the course refunded.

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