How to prepare for difficult conversations

Your free guide to boosting your effectiveness in any mediation or moment in conflict, helping you approach difficult conversations with confidence.

“Imagine you could sort things out more easily, using just a few techniques to transform any argument or conflict. - Scott C. Docherty



You experience it every day, right?

So what if you could stop arguments in their tracks, and sort things out, stripping hassle from your life?

What's this about?

So How To Prepare For Difficult Conversations is a free ebook prepared by me, Scott Docherty, author, former mediator & Vice Chair of Scottish Mediation.

It's based on my years of experience and research, and designed to guide you in basic steps through the theories and tips you can apply in any difficult conversation you face.

Scott Docherty Mediator

“Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. Trust me, it could change your life!”

Scott - MIYP Founder

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Over 10,000 words of tips & techniques to prepare for any argument, negotiation or difficult conversation.

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Once you apply the techniques, you'll have every chance of transforming every potential conflict into an opportunity.

So how will this help you?

You want to be effective, right?

No matter the work you do, the life you lead, you're faced with conflict everywhere. The tips & techniques laid out in this guide are an introduction to the deeper concepts explored in pocketconflictcoach, my course on how you can truly transform your approach to conflict.

After reading this free resource, you'll have a deeper understanding of what really goes on in your brain and in the brain of others you face in conflict. In the lead up to or in the middle of an argument, ever wonder why you get angry, why you get anxious or freeze up? By thinking through your brain's innate mechanisms of survival, you will learn how to regain control, improve your approach and see conflict as an opportunity to learn and grow,


Wherever & whenever, it will be there for you to reflect on, and if I update it, you'll get immediate access.


Explore conflict like never before. Absorb my experience in conflict resolution, and pick up new skills.


In time, with practise, you will see a real difference in how your difficult conversations go.

paul kirkwood

Paul Kirkwood

Commercial Mediator

This very helpful book is clearly based on personal insights gleaned by Scott during his many years working as a mediator. Perhaps the best part, and most useful, is chapter three on ‘practical steps’. It concentrates on asking people to reflect on what their conflict is about, how it has made them feel, what the conflict has led to in practical terms in their life, all before seeking to engage in discussion.

People need to reflect clearly before they engage, is the message, and what their contribution to the conflict has been. This is difficult, but Scott has come up with ideas, proposals, different options to help you towards a positive relationship with those with whom they’re in conflict. Scott’s reflections are of an intensely practical and helpful nature, and people would do well to consider his thoughts prior to engaging in difficult conversations.

I highly commend this book to mediators and to anyone involved

in personal conflict.

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You're willing to give it a go, right? To pick up skills in conflict resolution shared only by a minority of people on the planet. To change what you think, how you think. To go on and boss conflict.


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