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Hi there. Welcome to my online conflict site!

I’m Scott Docherty, and I’m working away in the background creating something I really hope will begin to disrupt the world of online conflict engagement. This might take a while to get going, as I’m doing all this pretty much on my own. Yup, it’s a long and winding road alright.

(cue the disinterested rolling of eyes!…)

Anywho, I just wanted to thank you so much for showing an interest while I fiddle about with all the little screws and bolts to put this all together. Here’s a chronology of how the site’s going to develop in the coming months (I hope).


pocketconflictcoach will be completed and released into the world. Register your interest in that now and you’ll be the first to know when it can be accessed. I’m in the middle of creating it just now, and by far it’s the best work I’ve ever done in my career. So proud of it! Once it’s live, you’ll have access to some real cutting-edge information and guides, with audio, video and written work, to coach you into more constructive engagement with conflict, all on your own time, at your own pace.

I’ve researched and grafted until my knuckles are bloody to design a course that, I hope, will empower you to negotiate effectively, understand and control your emotions, learn the skills even to encourage the person you’re in conflict with to change how they approach you. My aim is to lay out for you a genuine, life-changing application, and I can’t wait until it’s out there!

online mediators on your marks

In the meantime, I’ll be encouraging as many amazing online mediators I can find to register their interest on the site. Once the mediation service is getting ready to go live, I’ll be contacting all those who’ve done so to sign up to become Mediators In Your Pocket. So if you’re a mediator and work online. If you’re a mediator and you’re not working online at the moment, but fancy looking into this, you can register your interest, again for free, for the waiting list of our insanely popular course on How To Mediate Online.

online conflict simulations

At the moment I’m working on creating a number of video simulations of online mediation for various types of conflict. Once they’re ready I’ll be posting them up on new pages focused on each online conflict area, targeting the specific needs and interests of those who come to the site with a particular conflict in mind.

automated help

In the background, I’m building a pretty helpful workflow of emails you’ll be able to sign up to. If you’re someone in conflict and you find the site, you’ll be able to sign up for free email tips on how best to engage with conflict. Or if you’re a mediator, you can sign up for experienced help on how to improve your exposure online and your effectiveness in the virtual mediation room. And if you’ve signed up to sort your conflict via the site, you’ll get access to all kinds of regular email help and resources. These will all be rolled out gradually, so don’t go anywhere!

all hands on deck

So over time you’ll see the site start to develop, begin fizzing into life. As I’m doing this myself, squeezing it in between my day job and a healthy work-life balance that won’t drive me completely insane, it’ll be a pretty slow, organic growth. And when I think about it, that’s the most frustrating part of this really. I can see exactly how the site will look once it’s up and running, exactly how it will be able to help so many people avoid the pitfalls of the civil justice system and become empowered to engage with their conflict off their own backs, but finding the time to pull it all together really is an ongoing struggle. If anyone’s out there willing to lend even a small hand, therefore, I’d likely snatch it in a heartbeat to ensure the pace picks up even a little!

Thanks so much again for reading this, therefore, for signing up to my wee online mediation site and taking an interest. Feel free to share it around and spread the word. It may take a while, but once we’re live, I can assure you the world of online conflict will get a real kick up the proverbial! 🙂

Scott Docherty

I run this site and will do my best to mediate your conflict.


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