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online mediationit’s your conflict, don’t lose control

So online mediation and conflict engagement, it’s what we do here. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re in the middle of a conflict. Fair enough?

It could be a conflict with your spouse or partner, you could be separated or still together. It could be with your landlord or tenant, your boss or employee, to do with a service or product that’s been considered not up to scratch.  Really it could be anything.  Our online mediators are just a click away and are ready to help you engage more constructively in your conflict, wherever you are. We’ll help empower you, give you the tools you need to handle your conflict more effectively, move things towards resolution and peace with minimum fuss and expense.

In short, it’s your conflict. You know what’s going on, what your interests and wishes are, and the same is true for the person or company with whom you’re in conflict. Sure, you might be able to get someone to fight your corner for you, or to have a decision made in court that vindicates your position. But that conflict will still bubble underneath, permeating through your life, your family and work, festering and unresolved.

If, given the choice, you could genuinely resolve this conflict ruling your life right now, would you still want to feed it, grow it, or would you want to understand it, work out how to settle it down? We know it’s hard, but if you both really want to give talking a go, if you feel given how things have been going you could do with some help, we’re here for you. We won’t judge you, we’ll help you talk and listen to each other, in online mediation we’ll help you take some control back and decide for yourselves how to move forward.

Does that make sense?

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online mediation on the horizon…

Right now, actually we’re in the middle of something as well – we’re building this site (yeah well spotted!), and over time you’ll see some pretty innovative ways on the site to help you sort things out with minimum fuss. In time, amongst other things you’ll have access to a fully automated pocketconflictcoach to help you get ripe for engagement in conflict, and be able to verify your identity online and make payment online for the services here, all to ensure your safety and security and that we comply with all them regulatory regulations flying around.

In the meantime, we appreciate that doesn’t help you one little bit, so we’re available to chat to you right now about how we can help mediate your issues online. Once you get in touch we’ll WhatsApp you, so make sure you have that downloaded. We’ll chat briefly for free about what issues you’d like to sort out, how we can help you. If we think we can assist, we’ll talk through with you how best to engage with the person or company you’re in conflict with and suggest to them how we can help you both work it all out.

That’s when the exciting bit starts!

So click the WhatsApp button above, and we’ll come back to you as quickly as we can to start you off on your journey towards some peace after conflict.