Scott Docherty Mediator

have you tried online mediation?

Hi there, thanks so much for visiting my site. I use online mediation to help you sort things out, to get to the heart of what’s really going on in your dispute.

My name is Scott Docherty, and I’m a mediator, Vice Chair of Scottish Mediation, founded this online project, and have been mediating disputes online for years.

I’m here for you wherever you are, and can arrange online mediation with you whenever it’s convenient for you. This is the beauty of mediating online. Unlike doing it offline, you can arrange things around your own diary and commitments, wherever you’re most comfortable. Imagine sorting things out from the comfort of your own space!


what will this cost?

So here’s what you need to know about the way I will approach things with you, including my costs and terms. I’ve included all this information in this agreement to mediate, and if you’re OK with what it says, all you need to do is to complete this form below to begin your journey with me.

Once I have your form, I’ll contact the person or people with whom you’re in conflict, and ask them if they would also like to use online mediation with me to sort things out.

And then, if everyone’s willing to give it a go, I’ll send to those involved a link to my online mediation intake form, ask you all to sign and send me the agreement to mediate, and once I’ve heard from you all, I’ll be in touch to arrange an individual session with each of you before moving onto joint sessions if all’s well.


what do i need to mediate online?

You don’t need much! A PC or device with a webcam (most have these included these days, but you can pick them up fairly cheaply online if not). And beyond that, a decent internet connection will help, as you’ll want to make sure that the online mediation isn’t interrupted with technical hiccups.

In our individual session, we can go through any queries about this, about what it’ll be like to mediate online, so that when it comes to any joint session you won’t be worried at all about the technical side of things.

Trust me, this approach can really work!


use this form to begin