Pocket Conflict Coachthanks for your submission

Your Pocket Conflict Coach is busy getting ready to prepare you to take ownership of your conflict, to prepare you to try and sort things out off your own back.

Once it’s live you’ll be the first to hear about it. You’ll be able to take a short but fully automated course online, at your own pace, to help you on your journey towards some peace after conflict. If you’re still looking for some help after taking the course, don’t worry, our mediators will be here to help, as often we think it’s best for you to keep control of your own destiny, your own interests, rather than passing everything into the hands of a lawyer or third party to sort out for you.

You’ve trusted us with your details and we fully respect that.  We’ll never share them and will send you emails only about the Pocket Conflict Coach.  So thanks again for trusting us and we’ll be in touch soon!