How to Convert More Mediation

Referrals Into Clients


Getting mediation started is no longer a slog with this one method:

  • Wave goodbye to non-starts, no-shows, and referral forms 'lost in the post'.
  • Set yourself apart from other mediators and hook in your parties from the get-go.
  • Ensure your mediation clients are primed to engage constructively before they even meet you.

Getting mediation started

can be a major problem...

I've been there. Time and time again I would receive a mediation referral. I'd thank those referring the business, get the details, contact the parties, and then...silence.

One or all of the parties don't respond. One or all of them don't turn up to an arranged session. If they do turn up, they're not in the right frame of mind to problem-solve. Any referral forms you've asked them to complete get lost in the post, or come back half-empty.

Trust me, I get it. Mediation could change their lives, turn their conflict around. Your skills in getting them to engage with each other are honed and ready. If only they just got in touch!...

“As a mediator it's great getting referrals. It's our bread and butter. But getting the process started, building some momentum at the beginning, it can be a total nightmare!”

Well, I decided to do something about this. I came up with a way for mediators and conflict interveners to hook in parties from the outset, whilst at the same time priming them to engage constructively even before they meet you.

By choosing pocketmediationintake

you'll get the following benefits:

More Fees

With more referrals converting into mediation sessions that go all the way, your bottom line will look more healthy as the fees increase.

Greater Trust

Right from the start, your clients will begin to see more clearly the benefits mediation could bring to their problem, leading to more trust in you.

Better Sessions

As your clients come into sessions primed already to engage constructively, the chances of resolution or at least better discussions increase.

Scott Docherty Mediator

"I've used the methods in pocketmediationintake for years..."

"I learned early doors in my mediation career that if you're not proactive with new mediation referrals, if you let time pass and hope they'll come just because they were referred, your room will be empty."

- Scott C. Docherty (MIYP Founder)

Even if they enter your room, there's

no guarantee they'll engage

"I just don't think this will work"

How many times have you heard mediation clients say this? If you manage to encourage them into your mediation room and they begin to talk, there's just this load of unpacking to do with their emotions and mindset before they can start to think forward.

So what if you were able to get some of that unpacking done before they even meet you? What if, via one enhanced but simple form you could send them, they could answer all your intake questions, go through screening for domestic abuse and coercive control, begin to think about their interests more deeply, and even wonder where the person with whom they're in conflict is coming from?

What My Solution Does for You:

shows your branding

You send your mediation clients to a page with your own branding, your contact details, your information. Tailor the page however you wish!

captures your clients' details effortlessly

Under GDPR compliance, get their  name, address, email, phone number, who they're in conflict with, and a deep sense of what the conflict is about. All delivered confidentially to your inbox without you lifting a finger!



Whatever the subject matter you'll be mediating, screening for abuse, violence or coercive control is a must

Developed from the profession-standard SafeLives checklist, the answers in this form will alert you to any issues requiring referral to the authorities and assistance, ticking all your compliance & regulatory boxes automatically!

confidential records to your inbox

Once your clients have completed the form, you and they will receive a record of their submissions. You can use this when you meet with them, and by that point, via this process your clients will already have been primed to engage constructively.

all this before you blink

Start your mediation process off with your clients already sold on the idea of exploring interests over positions, of negotiating civilly rather than driving a hard bargain. Get them to YES swifter, and help them engage and resolve better than ever.

What You'll Get...

So here's what pocketmediationintake will give you:


"A full mediation pre-intake in one automated process"

I will work with you to create a bespoke, dedicated page, hosted by me at no extra cost, taking the hassle out of capturing mediation clients' information and preparing them to mediate constructively. Once you're happy with the page, you are free to send it to every one of your mediation clients. They go through the process and submit their information. You and they get a secure PDF direct to your inbox. pocketmediationintake does it all for you, so all you need to do is contact the clients and arrange their first meeting!

Here's an example of the pocketmediationintake page

that I use for those I mediated with...

So what are you waiting for?...

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Why waste time capturing details?

You know what pocketconflictcoach can bring to your practice. If you don't use it, your issues getting mediation started may well continue on as before.

If you don't act now, those clients referred to you or those skirting on the edge of whether to really commit to the process, they might be lost to you foreverIs the way you do things now working for you? Is every mediation you get going ahead without a hitch? If it is, great, you're on the right track.

Either way, I've found that priming mediation clients at the first opportunity, capturing all the details needed to kickstart the process, more often than not it leads to a greater uptake, an enhanced reputation, and more successful mediation sessions.

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Bespoke branded page & form
  • Unlimited Support
  • Confidential Records
  • Regulatory Compliance

All these now for just:


For lifetime access, covered straight away by your next mediation fee!

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