agreement to mediate template


Your agreement to mediate not only protects you and your mediation parties, outlining the terms and conditions on which the process will be based, but also provides you a great opportunity to engage with the parties before the mediation begins. My sample agreement to mediate template lays out everything you need to contract with the parties and prepare them for the process ahead. Use my template as a sound foundation and brand & adapt it to your needs!



After downloading my sample agreement to mediate template, you will have access to a document that covers the standard contract terms and conditions used commonly in mediation, which you can add to or adjust as you like depending on your specific regulatory requirements. But it also does so much more than this!

The agreement to mediate template lays out in easy-to-follow plain English:

  • the aims of mediation
  • an outline of the mediation process to come
  • the role of the parties
  • the role of the mediator and also of any lawyers
  • disclosure of information, and why it’s crucial to constructive engagement
  • the option of mediation summaries
  • how the mediation can be terminated by the mediator or parties
  • CONFIDENTIALITY! (pretty important, right?)
  • all up-to-date terms specific to online mediation if this how the process goes ahead
  • how the mediator can be contacted
  • a breakdown of fees and rates
  • any other terms, including privacy and complaints.

So you’ll find that for a minimal one-off cost, with my sample agreement to mediate template you’ll have ticked off a great many of your regulatory boxes whilst at the same time helping prepare the parties for the process ahead!

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