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Three audio files, one short introductory guide to smoothly blending meditation into your life, and you’re good to go. Giving these a try could help you in the process of transforming your approach to conflict. The neurological difference this could make to your brain could empower you to a whole new perspective in life and the challenges you face. Download them today and begin your journey!


Mediation and the resolution of conflict can be pretty tough. Download this calming meditation in your pocket, and you’ll have access to three guided meditation audio files and a bonus transcription and guide. These moments of breathing and reflection in mindful meditation are part of pocketconflictcoach, my popular course on conflict engagement, and are grounded in cutting-edge neuroscience.

All you’ll need is less than ten minutes every day you can find them. Trust me, they’re lurking around somewhere. And if you track those minutes down and fill them with these audio files, your brain will begin to sit up and take note, will begin to fortify sparkly new neural pathways between your impulse and response, leaving you the best opportunity to remain calm in the midst of a storm and boss conflict and challenges like never before!

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