With this unique, powerful form, capture mediation parties’ information whilst priming them for constructive engagement, increasing the chances the mediation process won’t fizzle out before it begins. Click Pay Now, then after checkout, head to My Account to enter your details securely here to help us create your dedicated page swiftly and accurately, and we’ll send you the link to your dedicated form usually within two working days.



Getting a mediation up and running is often the most difficult part of the process. We know this. So what if, with every referral you pick up, you could send the parties right away to a simple, secure but optimised form, with your details and branding, that would not only capture their information but would also prime them to believe in the process and reach the mindset needed for constructive engagement?

Your pocketmediationintake does all this and more. Access it today and wave goodbye to non-starts, no-shows and referral forms ‘lost in the post’!

  • the form has your details & branding
  • you can signpost parties to your terms of business & website
  • customising the form to your taste is a breeze
  • you send parties the link to the form
  • the parties then complete it anywhere they are
  • the information comes to you immediately
  • crucially, the parties will be primed to begin mediating
  • privacy guaranteed for you and the parties

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