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    agreement to mediate template

    Your agreement to mediate not only protects you and your mediation parties, outlining the terms and conditions on which the process will be based, but also provides you a great opportunity to engage with the parties before the mediation begins. My sample agreement to mediate template lays out everything you need to contract with the parties and prepare them for …

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    how to mediate online

    how to mediate online is your automated video course that will help you blend online mediation with ease into your practice. This is a pre-order for the course, which is presently being recorded and made ready for you. We’re aiming for it to be online early to mid-2019!

    By ordering the course now in advance, you can rely on a no-questions-asked 30 …

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    meditation in your pocket

    Three audio files, one short introductory guide to smoothly blending meditation into your life, and you’re good to go. Giving these a try could help you in the process of transforming your approach to conflict. The neurological difference this could make to your brain could empower you to a whole new perspective in life and the challenges you face. Download …

  • mediator-tools


    With this unique, powerful form, capture mediation parties’ information whilst priming them for constructive engagement, increasing the chances the mediation process won’t fizzle out before it begins. Click Pay Now, then after checkout, head to My Account to enter your details securely here to help us create your dedicated page swiftly and accurately, and we’ll send you the link to your …

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    conflict engagement tools


    pocketconflictcoach is your full automated online course that will help you get ready for effective engagement in conflict. 30 day guarantee – 100% refund if you’re not satisfied!