As you might have picked up, our new item, pocketmediationintake, has now launched!

This cool little tool automates for mediators a great deal of the intake process. For all new mediation clients, it captures all the relevant information, screens for violence, domestic abuse and coercive control, but also primes the parties to engage constructively before the mediation process even begins. In short, it helps establish a trusting relationship more easily between mediators and parties, by priming them to mediate.

It’s an innovation that could free up time, minimise the common disruptions in arranging mediation sessions, increase fees and take-up, build momentum in the process before it kicks off, and encourage the parties into a mindset of problem-solving.

We really hope you enjoy it, and thank you again for showing an interest in our work in this little project. Things are beginning to speed up here right enough, so keep your hand on your hat and your eyes on the road!…

Categories: innovation

Scott Docherty

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