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I know that took some effort, so well done. Time to relax!

A PDF of what you’ve put down is winging its way to your inbox (and don’t worry by the way, your privacy is guaranteed on this site, so your responses are going nowhere).

Take some time. Read over what you’ve said, and think through what you’re going to do next to try and sort things out. Having gone through this form, has anything changed? Even if it hasn’t, the argument still needs sorted out, right?

So if you’re worrying about how to sort it, what you’re going to say, how to control your emotions, here’s a free ebook to help you. The techniques in it have helped thousands of people like you get to the heart of what’s really going on and approach difficult conversations like this more effectively.

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Download How To Prepare For Difficult Conversations

How To Prepare For Difficult Conversations helps you get ready to sort out in your chats ahead. Click here for free access!

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