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Steady now, it’s almost with you. A year in the making, pocketconflictcoach is now written, and is soon to be unleashed with untold havoc into the world of conflict. UPDATE – it’s now live!!!

But what is it?

The TLDR is that it’s an automated, multi-media online course, founded in cutting-edge neuroscience and conflict theory (but laid out it in plain English), to give you an understanding of what’s kicking off in your brain & body during conflict, and to empower you with the skills you need to boss it.


Yup, good question. Still these days an approach to dispute resolution that’s totally dwarfed and side-lined within the world’s institutional systems of civil, criminal and administrative justice, conflict coaching is the provision of skills & strategies empowering those in conflict to engage with or manage their issues more constructively, usually with a view to resolution.

Until now, it’s been a method conveyed usually one-to-one, in other words by a conflict coach working with someone to delve more deeply into their conflicts, helping them understand what’s really going on, and therefore, giving them more space to think about and develop options and strategies. Sometimes you’ll find this kind of training being provided to a group, and it could be stand-alone or laid out as part of a mediation process. Here’s a great little article about it.

Bottom line is that it’s not adversarial. To go through conflict coaching is to appreciate that your problem won’t get sorted unless you think more deeply about how you approach it. The easy thing to do is to fight, to raise fists or weapons. But you know that does nothing to resolve conflict, right? Going on the attack or arming your defences in response, it might feel empowering, but it’s what can happen when control is lost, when the interests of those immersed in the conflict, including your own, have been skewed or forgotten.

And so, spending some time with a conflict coach can help you regain that control. It can help you focus more on your innermost goals, pave out a clearer path towards those goals, boost the skills and behaviours you’ll need to make dialogue more constructive, give you real insight and clarity within conflict.

who can conflict coaching help?

Wow, you’re really firing me some relevant questions here!

The short answer is: anyone.

Run a quick search online for conflict coaches. You’ll find the results packed with services tailored specifically for mediators, leaders, managers, lawyers, politicians, even kids. But you encounter conflict in every area of your life, yeah?

so here’s what makes pocketconflictcoach different

This is a course that hasn’t been tailored for specific areas of conflict in your life. Instead, it’s founded on the understanding that more than likely, your brain contains pretty much the same mechanics as everyone you’ve come across in life.

In conflict, your brain has the capacity to operate effectively in every single conflict you face. So if you pick up why it is that your most powerful enemy in conflict is actually your brain, if you develop what you need to boss it, then no matter what issues get in your way you’ll have a far greater opportunity to connect with people and to sort things out.

Therefore, this little course is designed to take you on a journey, at your own pace, wherever you are in the world. You’ll have access to it for the rest of your life, whenever you want. Just pull it out of your pocket and refresh your skills.

The course will map out for you the parts of your brain and body you’ll want to pay attention to in the midst of conflict. It’ll help you develop proven techniques to increase the space between your impulse and your response, and will guide you by the hand as you seek to carve out new habits in the lead up to and during difficult conversations.

Crucially, it’ll also help you understand why you need to do all this, why in the resolution of conflict, as easy as it might be to point that finger, it ain’t that other dude who needs to change.

why a course and not a book?

Well, who reads books these days, eh?!!

The word count on the course is about 60k, so yeah, it would fit snugly into a hardback or ebook. But it also fires at you a myriad of worksheets, video, audio, interactive forms, and it has all that because according to them folks in the know, this way you’re more likely to take it all in.

And this is exactly what I want.

I don’t want the content here to gather dust on a bookshelf, forgotten in time. I want you to learn, and OK a book can do that. But I want you to change while you’re at it. I want you to practice that change, to reflect on it, to keep changing, to go out the other side and through the rest of your life with a revolutionised approach to conflict.

ok, so what’s next then?

Hang fire, my friend. I’m pulling up the bells and whistles, waiting until all the stars align, and then before you know it you’ll see pocketconflictcoach pop up large on your radar. Register for free to be one of the first to know it’s live, and all fingers and toes crossed it won’t be too long!

WE HAVE LIFT OFF!!! The course is now live so get access here.

Peace for now,


Scott Docherty

I run this site and will do my best to mediate your conflict.